NOTICE: This is a water detector only. It can not shut off water flow.

To Install or replace the battery in unit:

  1. Insert 2 - AAA Batteries in the battery compartment
  2. Insert a screw into each screwhole of battery cover and cover each screw with a rubber gasket, replace the cover, screw tightly with a screw driver to close the cover.
  3. Insert the four plugs into the bototm 4-holes of the Leak Pet.
  4. Make sure the gaskets are placed in the screwholes before the screws are inserted and tight, and make sure the plugs are inserted into the holes before use.Test the water alarm
    Touch a damp cloth or wet fingers on each of the two sensing probes and the alarm will sound.

    Adjust the sensing probes.
    The sensing probes are made of stainless steel, so the sensing probes will not corrode or stain. Located on the underside of the water alarm, the sensors can detect water film from by 1/32 of an inch of water.

    Be sure that the sensing probes are placed FLAT on the floor so water can be detected as soon as it begins to accumulate.

Battery Life

High quality alkaline "AAA" batteries are recommended. In standby mode, the batteries should last about one year. THe water alarm has a low battery signal every 60-seconds. Replce the batteries at least annually or when low battery signal is found.

General Maintenance

  1. Test Water Alarm quarterly, though low signal will warn you if you forget
  2. Do no allow lint or debris to accumulate around the water alarm
  3. Remove Water Alarm from water as soon as possible
  4. Replace the batteries at least annually or when low battery signal is found.
Leak Pets Directions